For Goan homes looking to redesign their living spaces and or simply looking to spruce up the appearance of a room, well we have some handy-dandy tips that you can follow. These are mainly fundamentals in design used by many interior design professionals which you too can incorporate in any upgrade or remodel you undertake in your home.

The starting point is to first understand the architectural limitations of the room, placements of the walls, windows, beams, columns etc will have a impact on your designs therefore you must be aware of these limitations while sketching your designs. The use of lighting, both artificial and natural is significant in interior design. So, is the use of color.  Professional designers amplify the light that enters the room to keep is airy and make it look to appear spacious. Artificial lighting is used to create mood and atmosphere. With the use of color you also create an atmosphere in the room. Colors has a huge impact on our behavior thus it is important the right colors choices are made. Focal points, repetition, the use of patterns and textures and the type of flooring can also create different appearances which used tactfully. For inspiration checkout this video on living room and bedroom decor we put together.


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