Overview Of home security systems: Guide before buying

If you are planning on purchasing a home security system there are mainly two types of categories, the first being the CCTV camera surveillance and the other being intrusion detection systems. CCTV cameras are available in two forms, outdoor and indoor models which are meant for specific environments.

CCTV cameras are popular deterrents in preventing burglaries. Intrusion detection systems are motion detection sensors that are connected to a hooter to sound off an alarm. Both are effective meaning to keep your home safe and secure. These systems are available in wired as well as wireless options which are also connected to remote viewing or network enabled viewing as well. Check out this video on a definite guide to make a purchase of a CCTV camera surveillance system.

An intrusion detection system is essentially a web of interconnected motion sensor devices that trigger off an alarm in case it sensors a breach in the perimeter or if movement is noticed within the surveillanced area. Brands such as Hikvision, Dlink, Zicom etc available in Goa at highly competitive prices. Installation of these systems take more or less 3 to 5 hours to install.

Either of these modes of home security have been proved to be highly effective solutions for surveillance and monitoring. On an average a home security system would cost you in the range of Rs. 70,000 onwards and a CCTV surveillance system would on average be priced at Rs. 40,000 onwards.



The ideal approach to redesigning your home

For Goan homes looking to redesign their living spaces and or simply looking to spruce up the appearance of a room, well we have some handy-dandy tips that you can follow. These are mainly fundamentals in design used by many interior design professionals which you too can incorporate in any upgrade or remodel you undertake in your home.

The starting point is to first understand the architectural limitations of the room, placements of the walls, windows, beams, columns etc will have a impact on your designs therefore you must be aware of these limitations while sketching your designs. The use of lighting, both artificial and natural is significant in interior design. So, is the use of color.  Professional designers amplify the light that enters the room to keep is airy and make it look to appear spacious. Artificial lighting is used to create mood and atmosphere. With the use of color you also create an atmosphere in the room. Colors has a huge impact on our behavior thus it is important the right colors choices are made. Focal points, repetition, the use of patterns and textures and the type of flooring can also create different appearances which used tactfully. For inspiration checkout this video on living room and bedroom decor we put together.

Modular kitchens for your next upgrade

Modular kitchens are a preferred installation for many kitchen upgrades as it is reliable and efficient to storage and cook in. Modular installations are designed by experts providing you with efficient storage options, better placement of the kitchen work triangle along with a variety of customized options for cooking spaces.

Several factors go into designing a kitchen that is just right for you, the starting point being the kitchen layout. Kitchen layouts are available in several forms, some of the most popular forms being, L shaped, straight layout, u shaped and peninsula kitchens. After the layout types, it is important that the kitchen has adequate counter space for cooking, serving and prep. Having adequate lighting both natural and artificial is also essential when considering the right layout. Windows allows natural light to enter and also help getting rid of kitchen odours. When planning artificial lighting, it is important that the light is spread across the room and does not cause shadows while cooking. Storage is another vital aspect, consider the types of storage options and sizes you would need below the counter as well as overhead storage. Check out some of the most popular layouts in the video on popular modular kitchens that are trending.